Климов Владислав

Dr Alexander Green was born in Berlin and educated at Trinity School. He graduated from the University of Munich in 1985. Shortly after graduation he was one of 3 new graduates to be accepted into a pilot intern.

Alexander Green was able to gain invaluable experience in treating thousands of patients who had been neglected by the health system. This included general dentistry, emergency care, trauma, oral surgery and orthodontics.

Тимошенко Наталья

Dr Ann Taylor joined the team at The Dental Clinic in early 2006. Being a member of a large private practice that specialises in implant and cosmetic dentistry has been a great way for Dr Ann Taylor to increase her knowledge and experience in all areas of dentistry.

Being a general dentist, Dr Ann Taylor has found it easy to diagnose orthodontic problems in children early, as they come in for their regular preventative checks.

Стасюк Станислав

Стоматолог Стасюк Станислав Игоревич получил специализацию стоматолога, успешно завершив обучение на стоматологическом факультете Днепропетровской медицинской академии в 2004 году. Имеет специализацию по ортопедической и хирургической стоматологии уже более 15 лет.

Климова Любовь

Robert graduated from the University of QLD in 2005 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Oral Health). From there he worked in the small towns of Yeppoon and Rockhampton doing a combination of private practice and school dental therapy.

Robert opted for the dental field as he has always had a keen interest in health and wanted to help people better their oral health and keep their teeth for life.